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Ramin Izadpanah

Ramin Izadpanah

First photo 1991 3 years after arriving from Iran as a young man, age 21, when arriving alone to live with his uncle for a couple of month until moving into his own apartment when he found work as a factory laborer, making wooden doors for an Italian. Photographing nature served to sooth his restless mind as he transitioned to a new home having left family and all he knew back in Iran. Says Ramin, “Leaving Iran was saying good bye to one home and making a new home somewhere else.”

Ottawa as the border of Ontario and Quebec, Gatineau, (Gasneau Park), lovely hills, scenery, colors, a bubbling creek and a number of tranquil lakes as well as wildlife such black bears, bald eagles, owls, red tail hawks, peregine falcon, red fox, beavers, ground hogs. Gasneau Park became a getaway for Ramin, a heaven on earth to remember the beauty and wonder of our planet.

Inevitably, after his own marriage in 1998, he discovered a livelihood as a wedding photographer, including a studio and has continued his pursuit of taking every kind of photo possible from wedding, event, portrait, wildlife, landscape. He has many followers on his Instagram page, “Photos_by_Ramin, and one can see many examples of compelling images that bring the viewer to a mood-laden experience.

Ramin’s work has been recognized in the press including in the esteemed Canadian Geographic, where he was awarded the winner in the Landscape category as well as the same in the Flora and Fauna category, Photo News Magazine.

Photography was a big part of his travels, coast to coast in Canada and just recently to Paris. He continued with nature photography in France but also branched out to street photography.

As a photography instructor Ramin teaches at Ottawa School of Art, the oldest artist school in Ottawa where his wife is a long standing professor in painting. They often visit the same location to capture the beauty of the earth, her with a paint brush, he with a camera.


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