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Rick Sennott

Rick Sennott

Photographer Rick SennottA graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Richard Sennott has shot for the Minneapolis Star Tribune for over twenty years. He has published his photographs in Newsweek, the New York Times, Life magazine, and the Washington Post. The recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the McKnight Foundation, and the Minnesota State Arts Board, Sennott also received a Humanitarian Award from the Minnesota Associated Press in 1990. As a documentary photographer, he has traveled to El Salvador, Bosnia, Israel, and Iraq. He also has given lectures at Carlton College and the College of Saint Thomas.

The aim of documentary photography is to decode and distill daily existence. It should visually deliver the lives of those being photographed and provide a channel for true understanding and empathy.

My work as a documentary photographer has been focused on individuals who are struggling to survive. The portraits here portray families from the Jeremiah Program and People Serving People who have struggled with homelessness. Through the help of the affordable housing community, these parents are courageously working to strengthen their own lives and the lives of their children.

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Comments to “Rick Sennott”

  1. I had a great experience and enjoyed my time with Rick. I learned a lot about my camera and the location change was no problem at all.


  2. Had a great time with Rick yesterday at the Gutherie. Here’s a sample. Will be in touch.

  3. I learned a lot from Rick

  4. “The class allowed for exploration and creativity. Just what I was looking for!”


  5. “The class I took was fun and educational. I had ample opportunities to “do my own thing” and take the pictures I wanted to take. The instructor was uber-talented and down-to-earth. It was a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.”


  6. I am proud of improving my indoor photography. I learned the importance of exposure compensation and how easy it is to manipulate the light levels. As a photographer I really appreciate natural lighting.

    I took the shot of the upper side of the building which look like steps going to the top, it was really cool to see. To be honest I’m not a huge photo taker of architecture. However, after taking this one shot I didn’t realize how fun and unique it can be. After looking at the picture in editing, I decided to have some more fun with it, and added a reflection in post. So you are actually looking at one object, not two.

    Thank you so much for your business and Digital Photo Academy has been an absolute worth while experience. I will check the schedule regularly and plan on another class throughout the summer.

    Thomas Mady

  7. “I took your class in Minneapolis a couple years ago. I took many memorable shots that day that I have shared with many people.
    I would like to have more experiences like that. I have upgraded my camera to a Canon 7D Mark ll and would love to see what I could do in another setting in a class of yours.



  8. “Rick made the best of the rain and showed us how to take pictures in what I would have thought would be bad lighting for us to shoot in. He got is into the Como Conservatory and we skipped the zoo.
    And Yes you may use them on Facebook (just tag me if you can).”

    -Tim Schue


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