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Ronald Talley, Sr.


Ronald Talley, Sr.

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Ronald Talley, Sr.Is an award-winning, professional photographer mentoring youth through photography for more than 10 years. He has coached students at several community-based programs through agencies in the Southern California area including: Venice Arts, Rites of Passage, Peace4Kids, Seeking Peaceful Solutions and Foundations for Second Chances. He displayed his talent for interacting with youth and nurturing their creativity and expression while leading these classes.

Cultivating relationships with adults to promote expression and creativity is clearly part of his expertise too. Mr. Talley has established his track record by facilitating photography workshops and involvement in other photography related activities. Currently he is an Artist Mentor with the Creative Aging Program of Theatre of Hearts in collaboration with the James Irvine Foundation, There he works with seniors in the cities of Glendale and Arcadia through interactive photography classes.

He initiated the photo walk at the Big Photo Show in 2013. Over the past four years as an instructor with Digital Photo Academy, he has led groups of adults in hands-on activities at various points of interest in greater Los Angeles.

He helped to establish the Skid Row Photography Club in downtown Los Angeles in 2007. He has facilitated workshops and instructed members. He has served as facilitator of a 10-week photography class for residents of the Los Angeles Mission and students in the Boyle Heights Training Center program. As curator he organized and installed a photography exhibit for the esteemed Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk.

As founder of the Photographers and Digital Artists of Los Angeles, one of the oldest and largest photography groups in Los Angeles, he has conducted countless workshops and shared his skill with members. He currently writes about photography for

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Comments to “Ronald Talley, Sr.”

  1. “I had a great time – and learnt a tremendous amount from Ron! Thank you so much.”

    -Dallen Stanford

  2. “Loved the class..!!
    Mr Talley has wonderful passion for photography!
    Thank you !!


  3. “Ron was informative and knowledgable about photography. He was able to understand and answer all questions. I liked his tips about taking pictures of people. The new meeting place away from Graumann’s was a good idea, but with the group on the sidewalk and people continually walking thru the group it was a bit distracting. This is a good course for beginning photographers.”

    -Erle Collins

  4. “I just wanted to tell you I had a great time yesterday in the Composition in the field class.
    I have a lot to learn about photography, but the instructor Ron Talley really made the class enjoyable.
    I told several of my friends about the class today.

    Here are some of my shots from yesterday and my practicing today.

    Thanks again for your help.”


  5. “I have to say that my experience was no less than 5 star! I appreciated how you created the situation for me, based on the limited attendance factor. Ron was amazing! His experience and passion for photography was just off the charts! I simply wanted to learn my new point and shoot camera, and it was so much more, and the Hollywood Blvd. trip was very fun, along with meeting a few new people!”

    – Student Laura

  6. “I joined Ron Talley this weekend to shoot in Hollywood. It was a beautiful day, a friendly group, and Ron was a terrific instructor. I will share my positive experience with other photographer friends to sign up for a class. I will also check out your offerings in L.A. And other cities I may travel to this year.

    Love the resource you shared. Concise, well presented and all points Ron covered that I need to remember.”

    – Student Vicki Kane


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