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Welcome to the DPA workshops in Tampa, taught by photographers Sam Johnston and Tim Wheeler. Classes are held at the instructor’s photography studio. Johnston runs Studio4Design on Estrella Street, started in 1983 and specializing in photography, Macromedia Flash production and Websites for variety of clients. From Hillsborough River Park to Downtown Tampa, DPA students will find a wide range of avenues to explore their photographic interests.



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Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Tim Wheeler
TampaDecember 22, 20189:30 am - 10:45 amMaster Your Camera ControlsRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Tim Wheeler
TampaDecember 22, 201811:00 am - 2:00 pmCurtis Hixon Waterfront ParkRegister
Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Sam Johnston
TampaJanuary 26, 20191:30 pm - 3:00 pmMaster Your Camera Controls/Bayshore Sunset ShootRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Sam Johnston
TampaJanuary 26, 20193:00 pm - 6:00 pmBayshore Sunset ShootRegister
Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Sam Johnston
TampaFebruary 23, 20199:30 am - 11:00 amMaster Your Camera Controls/Lowry ZooRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Sam Johnston
TampaFebruary 23, 201911:00 am - 2:00 pmLowry ZooRegister
Master Your Camera Controls - $70
— led by pro photographer Sam Johnston
TampaMarch 23, 201910:00 am - 11:30 amMaster Your Camera Controls/Selby Botanical GardensRegister
Composition in the Field - $99
— led by pro photographer Sam Johnston
TampaMarch 23, 201911:30 am - 2:30 pmSelby Botanical GardensRegister

Comments to “Tampa”

  1. “Had a great time. Tim was great!”

    -Melia Healy

  2. “I recently purchased an entry level camera and was a little overwhelmed with how to use it effectively. The class was great! Sam was the instructor and extremely helpful and patient. If you have questions he has the answers. He was very knowledgeable with various cameras. I took some amazing sunset photos!”

    -Amber Loring

  3. “Definitely had an awesome time with Sam and the class. Learned a lot about my camera and a couple of it’s functions.”

    -Rodney Anderson

  4. “Absolutely phenomenal composition class, and great instructor! I learned so much at today’s class, and I finally feel like I can use all the great functions on my camera! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”


  5. “This class helped me to understand more about my camera and using the multiple settings on it. Sam was very versatile and have a lot of knowledge on the many different cameras present in the class. I really applaud him for being able to jump from brand to brand during his presentation.”


  6. It was a beautiful day here in Tampa. Sam was awesome and the people in the group were as well. A few good shots. I need a lot of practice. At least I have left the station and I am on my way to being better. Thanks for offering this class.  


  7. “Hi Richard and Sam,
    We had a lot of fun last weekend!
    I think I will take you on your offer of a 40% discount.
    Thanks for everything!”


  8. ” Just wanted to let you know I very much enjoyed the class on Saturday at
    the Lowry Park Zoo with Tim Wheeler He was very approchable and
    knowledgeable. I will take more classes with him.

    – Yvette Cowdrey

  9. “The class was amazing!! I got to meet new people and we got to take pictures.
    Tim was amazing, I’d love the opportunity to learn more from him. He took the time to answer all of our questions and he showed me a few tricks to take the type of pictures I like.
    It wouldnt let me attach more than one, but I like this one :)”
    Thank you guys!


  10. “The class is awesome!! My teacher Tim taught me a lot about my camera and how to use a lot of the features I was confused about. The instructor took time with each student along with group instruction. I would definitely take future courses with this company to further my knowledge! Here are some photos I took yesterday! All of my photos I submitted are directly from the camera by the way. No editing, photoshopping or cropping by the way. Thanks again!!”


  11. “Richard,
    Enjoyed the class today in Tampa and Tim was great.
    Attaching a few pics for you from today’s class-a gorgeous day in Florida!!”

    -Patty Pryde

  12. “Hello Richard,

    I wanted to email you and let you know that I really enjoyed the class I took with Tim Wheeler at the University of Tampa last weekend.”

    -Haley Bockius

  13. I highly recommend taking a DPA course with Tim Wheeler. Tim is very knowledgeable and he made the course both informative and fun. Before the class, I knew very little about my camera and was only shooting within the automatic modes. Now I am able to shoot using all of the modes on my camera, and make adjustments to those settings.

  14. Thanks to Tim Wheeler for great DPA Master Your Camera Controls and Composition in the Field classes today at the University of Tampa. I appreciate the patience and one-on-one time with those of us who basically just knew where the “on” button was located. Even though I was nervous going in, I learned alot and Tim made it fun. Very excited to elevate my “snapshots” to something approaching actual photography. Definitely taking another Composition class as I continue to develop more skill.

  15. “Tim,
    Thank you for a great class and sharing your insight, stories and knowledge. I so much enjoyed talking with you and the tips gave me more to think about in my composition.
    The pictures were large to email. I added a “photo” page to my website and posted the pictures there for you to see. I will send Richard Rabinowitz an email referencing the Plant Hall class and how well you did. (I will send that tomorrow, it is getting late).

    I would love to get together with you sometime and do a fun shoot at Busch Gardens (my kids are grown but you could make it a family day) or do the scavenger hunt thing with a group. We could invite those who were there today and others you may know that might enjoy it.

    Thanks again for all the information and taking the time to do the class. It is great to see someone who is passionate about their work and really enjoy it.

    Take care and hope to hear from you.”

    -Rodney Altamore

  16. “Hey Richard! Im back home from meeting with Tim. You were right about him being a great person. It was an awesome experience and it really made up for the inconvenience. I will email you some of the pictures as soon as I transfer them to my laptop. Thank you and I am looking forward to the Composition in the field Workshop. Thank you both and I look forward to keep learning with your courses. ”

    -Johnny Suriel

  17. “We met with Tim today as planned. He is spectacular! We had a great session”

    – Meghan

  18. “I have completed my beginners class on Sat May 3 and we concentrated on the operation and the various set up parameters on the camera. This was a great help to me to wade through the myriad of choices available and I think you are doing a fine job of sorting out the complexities of setting up a digital camera. Now the printed manual seems clearer and easier to refer to. It’s fun to have a camera that I won’t outgrow any time soon. Panasonic is to be admired for their efforts in helping digital owners get the most out of their cameras. Keep up the good work.”

    – Jim Bear

  19. “Thanks for the informative class. I found several aspects to be very worthwhile.”

    – Tom Harrison

  20. “I really enjoyed your class on Sunday. I learned a lot more about my camera and I look forward to the next classes.”

    – Tracy Stephens

  21. “I was in Peninsula, Ohio on 6/2/12 with Jeff and we had a great time.”

    —Student Courtney L. Clough

  22. “The class was great!I think that my husband and I were somewhere in the middle of the group when it came to photography. You did an outstanding job of meeting the needs of everyone in the group, which must have been quite a challenge since this was an extremely diverse group.

    I learned a lot — and my biggest take away… don’t pack up and leave seconds after the sun goes down at sunset. The sky just lights up for those 20 minutes following sunset, and I have missed it all these years, especially at the beach!!!! So many wasted opportunities!

    Also, I didn’t know that the histogram existed, and how helpful that is! Even though I am usually technologically challenged, you made many of the technical aspects of camera functions quite understandable.

    Your class has made me excited to keep learning.”

    —Michelle Fox

  23. “Thanks for your time today in the photography class. It was fun and I learned a lot.
    One of the reasons Bridgette and I took your class today was to get more familiar with the camera and the different options (ISO, F Stops, Histogram, etc.). We will be going to Hawaii in a couple of months and we would like to come back with some nice shots.

    Thanks again for your help today!”



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