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If there is one thing out there that is photographed heavily, it is our pets. Every pet owner from Aunt Sally to your neighbor Chris all take pictures of there pets, the trick is to do it better then every one else!

I love animals, always have always will. But if there is one thing that gets me, it′s the same cliche photo of someone′s cat or cute dog taken 30-feet away from a high view point. Why, because that′s where the photographer was standing when they saw their pet playing with a ball of yarn or a butterfly.

Well folks it′s time break that habit, I mean – they are your pets – they know you! Get in there and get personal!

My main tip for this situation is get on there level don’t always photograph from the standing up perspective, or bird′s eye view. One sure way to make a picture better is get on the same level as the subject you are photographing.

Darren Hauck Tip A

Here is my 14-week-old puppy, Jiro, enjoying the summer sun in my living room. For this picture, I got on the ground and zoomed in with a 200mm lens to get a shot of him relaxing. Very simple and yet very effective.


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