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In the world of journalism these are called “drive by shootings”. Not to in any way belittle the actual horrible act of someone being shot, but to emphasize that sometimes in the world of journalism, what we photograph happens quickly, and without opportunity to prepare, and yes sometimes happens while in the car.

Hinda Tip1

For these images I was fortunate enough to be a passenger and so could look ahead, and think about what I would want to include while seeing at about 40 MPH. The photos were taken on Dec. 31st. 2007. They were shot at wide open on manual exposure- somewhere between 1000th of a second and 2000th of a second. I was overexposing by about one stop from what the light meter was reading to compensate for all the snow.

Hinda Tip2

In some of my classes we work on learning about complimentary colors and  thinking in monochrome.  These images would fit the monochrome assignment, with the addition of one or two subtle colors.


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