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Indoor Group Portraits


© Kathy Tarantola

Group Photos, especially those taken indoors, can be boring sometimes.  But Kathy Tarantola, DPA Instructor out of Boston, avoided all the pitfalls. To get around the common problem of any of the models ignoring the camera, Kathy smartly had everyone participating in a toast. This simultaneously circumvents the downside of self conscious members of the group who don′t know how to pose. The circular pattern of the table is repeating in a visually appealing fashion thanks to the abundance of round plates of various sizes, all arranged in the circle started with the table. It even highlights the faces of the members of the group. And Kathy must have been sitting in the one empty seat in the foreground which adds to the perspective of the image overall. The entrees, group servings in the center of the table keep the eye movement within the photo overall and leads back and forth to each of the attendees. Tripod and flash recommended!!


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