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Just Peachy


© Rick Wright

Sometimes you sit down for eggs at the local diner and you come up peaches. While waiting for my breakfast plate (eggs-over-easy with grits), the chef de cuisine was cutting up and sharing fresh Jersey peaches with the counter diners. Lucky me, I happened to have my camera nearby (ALWAYS carry yours).

The light was very low and I wanted to use ISO 100 for its smooth tones. So, I had to choose a wide open aperture (ƒ2.8) and pray. Happily, the extremely shallow depth-of-field put the emphasis on those glowing yellow peaches and proved a nice contrast with the stainless steel background. By chance, the chef-in-question passed through my frame and provided that extra bit of motion and interest inside the frame. It pays to consider all moments of your day as possibilities for photographic chances. Peachy.


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