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Elsie Nisonen

Elsie Nisonen

Elsie  is a lensbased artist based in Toronto. She has studied photography at the Ontario College of Art and Design and Ryerson University.  Recently, her work was shown in the Contact Photography Festival in Toronto.  She has also shown her work at art spaces in the city including Gallery 44, The Queen Mother Cafe, Art Square Gallery and Artscape Youngplace.  She is both an artist and a documentarian. She is a native of Toronto and finds it a neverending source of photographs. You can often find her with a camera walking the streets of Toronto.
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Elsie Nisonen DPA 1 _MG_0001
Elsie Nisonen DPA 2 _MG_2772
Elsie Nisonen DPA 4 _MG_3577
Elsie Nisonen DPA 5 _MG_3158
Elsie Nisonen DPA 6 aa change island blue colour sunset
Elsie Nisonen DPA 7 _MG_7997
Elsie Nisonen DPA 8 _MG_8721
Elsie Nisonen DPA 9 Pinery sunset grass
Elsie Nisonen DPA 10 _MG_9116
Elsie Nisonen DPA 11 _MG_9152
Elsie Nisonen DPA 12 IMG_7142
Elsie Nisonen DPA 13 IMG_2938
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  1. elsie was very knowledgeable and made the session enjoyable. highly recommended to get started in photography


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