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Hudson Valley

Pro Instructors of Hudson Valley

Thaddeus B. Kubis

-25 years of experience as a photography instructor.
-Has diverse expertise in fields such as Travel and Leisure, Manufacturing, Banking, Financial Services, and Fine Art.
-Shares knowledge on smartphone, DSLR, film, large format, and composition through in-person and online platforms like Zoom.
-Conducts workshops globally, including in locations such as Scotland, Ireland, and the Caribbean.
-Dedicated to inclusive photography, offering sessions for individuals with disabilities and students facing attention and discipline issues.
-Contributes to national and international businesses and agencies like Getty Images and Adobe Stock.

Carla Shapiro

-Photographer and educator based in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York.
-Her photographic projects explore loss and longing, memory and nostalgia, womanhood, aging, and the human condition, often situated in the rural and natural landscapes that surround her home and studio in the mountains.
-She frequently employs the use of alternative photographic equipment, processes, and materials.

Lynn M. Alaimo

- Started with dad’s hand-me-down camera.
- A familiar name to Hudson Valley residents thanks to her byline appearing in the Arts and Culture publication, “Chronogram.”
- Has traveled to Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Russia, Malta, Greece, Sicily, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, and 29 of the 50 states.
- You may have actually already met Lynn since she is often hired as the event photographer in high profile events.

Kay Kenny

- Over 25 years teaching photography at NYU as well as other institutions, including ICP
- Received an Excellence in Teaching Award from NYU
- Exhibits her fine art photography nationally and internationally as well as featured in
several books on photographic practices
- Specializes in long exposure rural night photography using both film and digital cameras
- MFA from Syracuse University. Background in printmaking and graphic design prior to
graduate degree in photography.
- Awards include 4 NJSCA grants as well as the Arthur Griffin Legacy Award from the
Griffin Museum of Photography

Brian Wolfe

-If you have read any of the news and entertainment media in the Newburgh Community, you likely have already seen Brian’s byline for his published photos.

-First 35 mm film camera at 13 which inspired him to build his own darkroom in a basement closet.

-Widely appreciated for his ability in capturing the majestic beauty of the Hudson River and the mountainous Hudson Highlands

Melanie Gonzalez

-Instructor, Studio lighting + Digital Portrait class with NYC Parks Department
-Technical Associate, Photography Department, The Cooper Union School for The Advancement of Art and Architecture
-Instructor, Digital Photography, Studio Lighting class with senior citizens at Serviam Gardens, a senior residential home in the Bronx

Rachel Snydstrup

-Time Herald Record Photographer of the Year in 2016

-2nd Place winner for Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Union Calendar

-Official Photographer for the last 4 years for the Maritime Museum in Kingston

-Exhibited at Albany Airport

-Born and raised in Kingston and over the years has photographed dozens of HV locales, including Ashoken Reservoir
Port Ewing Beach
Rotary Park
Kaaterskill Falls
Hudson Athens Lighthouse
Mid-Hudson Bridge
Most of the Old Mansions once owned by noted industrialists

-Noted Landscape photographer but also focuses on HDR image making and long exposure photography

Lori Adams


-Daughter of an artist
-Lori Adams began the pursuit of photography in her early teens in southern Minnesota
-Focus on landscapes and portraiture
-Degree in photography from Bard College

Mary Ann Glass

-Participated in two International Artist Residencies in Myslenice, Poland and in Beacon, NY
-She has had solo shows at Montgomery Row in Rhinebeck, Locust Grove, Bannerman Gallery, RiverWinds Gallery, the Amacord Gallery, Barnes & Noble and Chill
-One of her photos won a Red Ribbon at the Front Gallery in Patterson, NY
-While Mary Ann is talented in many photography techinques, for Digital Photo Academy, she will be teaching a cell phone camera class. All of the images in her slideshow are taken with a cell phone

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