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Scott Crawford


Scott Crawford


Scott’s career in photography began in 2000 out of necessity. Working as an art director, he was tasked with producing product photography for a client. He soon learned how to deliver quality images and gravitated towards landscape photography as a personal artistic outlet. His style favors landscape and cityscape compositions that incorporate bold shapes and deep, rich colors.

Clients include Gale Banks Engineering, Irwindale Speedway, Juanita’s Foods and Sunset Marquis Hotel.

Drawing on his graphic design skills, Scott has taught several seminars on Photoshop and Indesign as well as written how-to tech articles on various design programs.

Recent travels include the countries of France, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. In November, his work was featured at a gallery exhibit hosted by Influence Artists. Scott is also a founding member of Donut Street Meet, a photography club that brings together passionate artist for photo meet-ups all around Los Angeles.

Enjoy a video of one of Scott’s recent photo workshops at Laguna Beach.

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Comments to “Scott Crawford”

  1. I enjoyed the class and I learned a lot. As a beginner, the information is overwhelming, but Scott was informative and knowledgeable. He was really helpful in teaching me how to shoot the animals I will see on the safari.

    I went to Samys Camera today and bought the lens Scott suggested. The comment from the sales person was, your instructor knew what he was doing. I would recommend Scott for the class. I would take more, however I am returning to Australia on Saturday.

    Thank you.
    Danielle McPherson

  2. I really enjoyed yesterday’s session and learned a lot from Scott. Thank you.

  3. Looking for a digital photography class that would help me learn how to use my new Leica, I gained a rich, knowledgeable experience with Scott Crawford from Digital Photo Academy. And let me tell you, I am truly a beginner! But other camera classes I looked into were like one-hour, online demonstrations (which I could get on any Youtube video). I needed to physically do it to remember it! Key to my excellent experience was immediately putting into practice what I learned and Scott chose the perfect place—Manhattan Beach Pier. First he walked me through the different functions on my Leica, and then we wasted no time moving from photographing a life guard tower to bike riders, and then onto the pier to capture the shapes and patterns that make photos interesting. This way I understood why I moved the aperture and/or shutter speed to either capture a cyclist or adjust to bright light or even compose a frame using the value of thirds or consider the depth of field in what I wanted to focus on and what I wanted to blur. He even showed me how to capture the glassy look of water—yes, there is a technique to that! I was truly impressed! What really topped off the day was watching Scott express his joy of photography. “Don’t miss the shot”, he’d say. “Have your camera ready…” We all know, when someone loves their subject, learning is always more fun! I look forward to next time Scott teaches so I can continue to grow in my ability and confidence to take pictures.

    BTW: I don’t usually write reviews, but Scott and Digital Photo deserved my time.

  4. I truly value the learning opportunities your photography lessons offer.

    The class expanded my understanding of different techniques and perspectives. I left the session feeling inspired and motivated. Scott created a positive and engaging learning environment.

    Your generosity and dedication truly sets your organization apart. Wishing your continued success in all your endeavors

  5. Really enjoyed the experience. Learning the controls and navigating the camera was what I wanted to accomplish by taking the course. Adding the next session which allowed me to experiment and apply techniques learned from the previous session was most beneficial to better understand the different aspects of the camera.

  6. It went well! I had so much fun and everyone including Scott was so encouraging. Looking foward to taking more classes as my schedule allows.

  7. Hey, that was an amazing class, your instructor Scott is a very nice guy and talented as well. I really appreciate it. I look forward to more meetings. I had to leave early to go deal with some family things.

  8. The session with Scott was awesome! I really enjoyed the time and got some great photos! So far I have only had time to briefly look at them but hope to spend some time and do some editing. If we are back in the LA area I would certainly look to organize our itinerary to spend time with Scott!

    I like the idea of a photo book for our granddaughter!

    Thank you for facilitating the the experience!

  9. Scott is a great instructor. He was very clear and explained everything really well. I am so glad I took his class. So much so I stayed for the next class, on composition. Had a great time and learned so much. I am looking forward to taking more classes at the Digital Photography Academy.

    – Maria L

  10. Wonderful instructor and a great learning experience. I highly recommend the course.

    – Daniel N

  11. Such a fun course full of ideas and scenarios to try out. I learned so much from Scott about composition and technicals, like how to best use shutter priority or aperture priority, exposure compensation, etc. Really had such an amazing set of moments. If I could do a first-time class all over again, it would be this one.

    – Eric Wang

  12. Thanks for the opportunity to learn a little bit more about photography yesterday.

    It was very educational…Well, I took a few pictures with my camera and my phone.

  13. Had so much fun! Will book again soon!! Scott was great. Learned so much!

  14. Scott is a great instructor. He was very clear and explained everything really well. I am so glad I took his class. So much so I stayed for the next class, on composition. Had a great time and learned so much. I am looking forward to taking more classes at the Digital Photography Academy

  15. Had an awesome time! Too bad I had to leave early the sky really developed into a pretty out real red, moody, cloudy, beauty! I still managed to take a few bangers!

  16. Super fun time on Saturday. Really appreciate the location and scouting info. Scott was very warm and friendly and provided us lots of tips and ideas. He encouraged me to take some shots I wouldn’t have taken because I didn’t think they’d be that great. Turns out, the shots developed in to a pleasant surprise. Be enclosed a few shots. Hope you enjoy!

  17. It was the best class! I had the best time and picked up numerous photography tips and tricks! I’m still in Cloud 9 three days after taking Scott’s class. I’ve taken a couple of DPA classes before and I’ve enjoyed all of them, but I got most out of Scott’s class. Scott was so attentive and truly has the passion to teach. I did not hesitate asking questions. I would love to take more classes with him—and yes, I will even get up at the crack of dawn to take his classes. I loved the unexpected hike to the spot to get the perfect shot! I can’t wait to go back.

  18. Thank you again Scott. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new things. This was my first time in Chinatown. So the photography introduction was very nice.

  19. He took us to hidden gem in the neighborhood of LA where we can see buildings in DTLA and Dodgers stadium. I find it to be very insightful especially for my first photography class. Definitely considering his other workshops in the future

  20. Hey Scott,

    Here is what I came up with , the 1st one is HDR merge (5pics) then used camera raw to make adjs. The 2nd one made adjs through LR. The other thing that I learned was how dirty my lenses are and need to get them clean.

    I will be looking to see if I can make the L.A Skyline.

  21. Thanks for the follow up email – I enjoyed the session and picked up some items to help with my photography. I will definitely check out the other upcoming sessions.
    Here is my contribution:

  22. Just wanted to tell you what a fun class that was yesterday, Scott is a great instructor! I’m enthusiastic again about honing my skills further and look forward to taking more classes.

    • I’d take any of his classes again, he’s so energetic!

  23. Awesome, thank you so much! This is a huge help.

    Might want to do one more session before I go. I’ll be in touch. I don’t leave for another month. Thanks so much for all your help and guidance. Love some of my photos. I can’t believe the luck we had with the last minute sunset and the bike riders. Super fun. I learned a lot.

    Love your idea about a photoshop help session. I bet you can teach me so much with that too. Maybe we can shoot one ore time before my trip and do photoshop after. Just a thought.

    Thanks again for everything. Have a great day .

  24. Thank you again Scott for an awesome class! We definitely learned a lot and I will definitely be getting a lighter weight tripod!


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