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Tip – Colors, Saturation and Contrast

Ask, how can different colors and color palettes bring balance? 

Ask, how much saturation and contrast do I need? Study complementary colors, as well as color palettes (web designers are familiar with this)

Tip – Lights, Shadows and Backlight

Ask, how can lights and shadows make a scene more vibrant? 

Ask, how can backlight make a scene more interesting?

Monochrome vs. Color

Ask, is color needed? Look at shapes and patterns. 

Ask, how much contrast do I need for monochrome images?

Proportion and Compression

Ask, what size should the subject be in a scene? 

Ask, how is the compression of a long lens perceived?

Tip – Reflections

Ask, how can reflections bring balance to a scene? 

May 2023, Great Landscape Photographers

NEWS: Upcoming workshops July & August, new flower photo. VIEWS: Landscape photographers I admire - Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, Steve McCurry.

Student Question and Review of Nikon D850

My daughter just graduated college and she has purchased a Nikon D850 SLR and a 18-140 lens. She would like to purchase a Nikon 70-300. Do you have any recommendations for her on that lens or a different one that may be a better choice for her?

April 2023, Flower Photography

NEWS: new spring crocus photo; Apple/Google Pay available. VIEWS: feedback on minimalism; flower photography tips.

March 2023, Simplicity vs. Complexity

NEWS: A new spring flower photo; enlarged view; buying options. VIEWS: comparison of with and without foreground branches in Hudson River image; discussion of simplicity and complexity in composition.

February 2023, Thoughts on Art

Intro to News & Views newsletter. NEWS: the 3 sections on (Fine Art, Artifact, Classes). VIEWS: my goal in art (to be pulled out of myself); example - Hudson River Dawn full description.

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