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Family Photography-4

Backlighting with fill light is a great way to add a dramatic edge lighting and keep your subjects from squinting into the sun.

Family Photography-5

Touching moments between children and adults are sometimes better when they are not aware of being photographed.

Family Photography-6

Family pets can often generate big smiles. Changing the image to black and white instills a timeless quality.

Family Photography-7

Coming down to shoot at eye level to kid size creates a picture of their world. The pleasing color and symmetry enhance the quintessential moment of sportsmanship between the kids’ team, which tells as powerful a story as the homerun hit.

Family Photography-8

Kida are always in action. Using a panning technique can magnify the feeling of motion.

Family Photography-9

Want to create a strong image? Fill the frame with the story you are telling – keep it simple. A faster shutter speed freezes the water and the boy’s delighted gesture and smile.

Family Photography-10

A lot of thought and pre planning go into a large group photo. Consider the proximity of subjects, varying their heights, background, and clothing. 

Family Photography-11

A weekend visit to a local farm, or the annual state fair offer unique props and settings for special portraits. Sometimes there may even be a nearby cow ready to pose.

Family Photography-12

Leading lines – the lines of the porch lead your eye to the subject and the color scheme is simple, which makes for a serene setting of a family elder. The touch of the grandfather to the family pet speaks to their lifelong bond.

Family Photography-13

Picking your spot ahead of time, using a telephotos lens with a fast shutter speed and using continuous shooting or burst mode increases your chances of getting a fabulous sports shot.

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