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Family Photography-14

Detail shots tell a story all by themselves

Family Photography-16

Great photographs convey emotion, and using alternative processes or special effects, even on your cell phone, can create an antique feel.

Family Photography-17

Ordinarily, you don’t want to crop people is half, but in this case, it emphasizes the young girl and the reflection is an artistic point of view.

Family Photography-18

Faster shutter speeds can freeze action.

Family Photography-19

Using a flash with slow shutter sync, allows am impressionistic image of the first day of school. The flash freezes the child while dad’s kiss on the head is the blurry action.

Family Photography-20

  Late day sun – the golden hour – and backlighting give this image a dreamlike quality that heightens the emotionality of the girls’ postures.  

Family Photography-21

Sometimes a seemingly random photo of a typical day can capture the chaos and humorous moments of life. Even the cropped child in the foreground is an important feature of the composition to symbolize the quirkiness.

Family Photography-22

A medium to slow shutter speed permits the motion of the photo to convey the carefree energy of activity and the delight of the child on the swing. Gesture and facial expression are very important.

Family Photography-23

Using back light gives a tenderness to the image. Eye contact between the father and daughter is also crucial in conveying emotion. The father figure is well characterized by his tie, suit vest by the briefcase on the floor.

Family Photography-24

Using evaluative or matrix metering, freeze a silhouette to create a timeless graphic narrative.

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